Mrs. Janina (Darmochwal) Stanibula,
mother of Father Christopher Stanibula

Tomaszow Lubelski, POLAND —  Janina (Darmochwal) Stanibula, 86, died peacefully surrounded by her children on August 6. She was the wife for 48 years of the late Czeslaw Stanibula and the loving mother of Dr. Ryszard with his wife Ewa; Witold with his wife Dr. Iwona-Lastowska-Stanibula; Stanislaw with his wife Elzbieta; Piotr with his wife Marzena; and Rev. Dr. Krzysztof Stanibula, parochial vicar of St. John the Evangelist and St. Vincent de Paul parishes in Attleboro. She is also survived by seven grandchildren: Kinga, Dominik, Anastazja, Ewelina, Sylwia, Maksymilian and Dr. Daniel Stanibula. Her great-grand children are Nikodem and Kuba.

The concelebrated Mass of Christian Burial for Mrs. Stanibula was celebrated on August 9 in the Comunalny Cemetery, Tomaszow Lubelski. Mass donations in Janina’s memory may be appreciated.

“For her whole life my mom was a great housewife and she filled her family home with warmth and Christian principles,” said Father Stanibula. “She was born in Wożuczyn, in Zamość district, which at that time was in the center of pre-war Poland. At the age of nine with her mom Stefania, siblings, Mary and Henry, she had experienced the cruelty of the German Nazi invasion and persecution when she was deprived of a family home by German settlers in her village. The youngest of the siblings, Henry, was wounded by the explosion of a bomb which caused heart problems for the rest of his life. He had to work in occupied Poland for the occupiers when he was four years old. A German settler, by the name of Smidt, had acquired 10 Polish homes, including that of the Darmochal family, and said of them, ‘Alles meine.’ 

“The rest of the German occupation, they survived in a rented house in Grodysławice. After World War II my mom was engaged and married to Czeslaw Stanibula in 1950. She had been a wonderful teacher of her five children in life values, service and respect for others. Her sanctification through the teaching, craft work, compassion and charity was her educational method, while sharing her deep faith at home. She enjoyed much singing beautifully voiced Christmas carols with my dad at home and at the parish church.

“With much love she taught many young women the art of tailoring and sewing. Through her many talents and skills she supplemented the thin family budget. Also through her hard work she taught us many important lessons. She knew in her great heart that providing children with great food is not enough. She felt called to provide them with the core values, affective support and approval.”

A Memorial Mass for Mrs. Stanibula will be offered on September 1 at 7 p.m. at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, 71 Linden Street, Attleboro. All are welcome to attend. Priests and deacons are invited to come with alb and white stole and assemble in the rectory.

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