Newly titled and re-branded Diocesan Directory 2020
in production, will begin shipping in October

FALL RIVER, Mass. — As the Fall River Diocese continues to make great strides towards fulfilling Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha’s “Rebuilding in Faith and Hope” initiative, there have been some wholesale changes in parishes and diocesan offices. That’s why this year’s all-new, fully-revised edition of the diocesan directory is going to be an important resource for the local Church.

Published annually by The Anchor, the new publication has been re-branded and retitled Diocesan Directory 2020 to not only reflect the milestone year ahead, but also to suggest a new, clearer vision for the Fall River Diocese. To that end, Bishop da Cunha’s “Rebuilding in Faith and Hope” logo has been added to the volume.

Given all the changes this year, the publication date — which previously shipped in August — was also pushed back to October to provide ample time to collect and include the latest information and staffing changes in parishes, apostolates and schools throughout the diocese.

“It’s certainly been a challenge this year,” said Anchor editor and directory coordinator Kenneth J. Souza. “We had to find a way to present the information for the many parish collaboratives and groupings while maintaining their individual location and Mass times.”

Souza said they decided to keep each church site and location on a single page and then brand them each with a logo for its umbrella collaborative.

“Since each site has its own address and set of Mass times, we thought that would be the best approach,” Souza said. “So the four churches in the Catholic Community of Central Fall River, for example, will be presented on individual pages, even though many of the staff names and contact information will be identical.”

As an aid in locating these parish groupings, the directory will also be adding an index of the various collaboratives for the first time.


The new Diocesan Directory 2020 features a cover with a stylized photograph of an underwater scene looking up towards the shining sunlight above.

“We wanted something that looked very different from past editions and that defined what’s happening in the Fall River Diocese,” Souza said. “There’s a certain sense of cleansing — the waters of Baptism, if you will — in having to rebuild our local Church. And we’re all looking towards the Light so that we can resurface anew.”

The water motif is also appropriate given the Fall River moniker of the diocese, and there are similar design elements incorporated throughout Diocesan Directory 2020.

Slated to being shipping the first week of October, the newly-revised and fully updated directory has consistently been the go-to reference guide for all the parishes, offices and apostolates within the Fall River Diocese and this year it’s going to be invaluable to those working in and worshipping in the diocese.

Souza said pre-orders for the new volume have been brisk, which is not surprising with all the new information contained within.

“Even with the technological advancements of cell phones and computers, there’s still a comfort in having a quick desk reference like Diocesan Directory 2020 handy,” Souza said. “And websites and Google searches don’t always get you the right contact person for a particular office or location.”

As in past years, the directory will include all of the latest parish data, including Mass times, staff listings, and contact information. It also provides listings of all diocesan priests, the various Religious Communities working in the diocese, along with a complete listing of active and retired deacons living in the diocese, whether they are assigned to a given parish or not.

And in this computer- and smartphone-savvy era, information such as individual parish and collaborative websites along with staff email addresses for key diocesan administrative personnel have been woven into the directory’s contact listings.

The directory also provides important contact information for diocesan offices, personnel, archives, priests’ residences, councils and apostolates ranging from The Anchor to Catholic Social Services and its many offices, campus ministry, Chancery, Faith Formation, insurance, legal, communications, Scouting, shelters, vocations and much more.

As always, the support of dedicated advertisers is pivotal to the directory’s annual success and in offsetting the costs to print the full-color, glossy publication. As such, it also serves as a guide to loyal sponsors who support the diocese’s mission and, in turn, deserve your consideration.

“We think everyone will be impressed with this new directory and we’re working hard to make it a great reference guide for the entire diocese,” Souza said. “I like to think of it as an owner’s manual for a new Fall River Diocese, rebuilt in faith and hope, to borrow Bishop da Cunha’s phrase.” 

To pre-order a copy of the all-new Diocesan Directory 2020, CLICK HERE or send a check for $30 each (includes shipping) to The Anchor, 887 Highland Avenue, Fall River, Mass. 02720.

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