Stang student and junior assistant 
Scoutmaster attains Eagle Scout rank

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — Myles Forgue, junior assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 24 New Bedford at St. Joseph-St. Therese Parish, acquired the rank of Eagle Scout on August 7 and was recognized for earning Scouting’s highest distinction on November 10.


He completed his Eagle Scout Service Project at St. Joseph-St. Therese Parish in New Bedford. The objective of his project was to restore two sets of eroded stairways and beautify the property by cleaning an overgrown playground that previously was a part of the school property. Forgue and a team of local youth leaders successfully executed the project, thereby reinforcing care for elderly parishioners, and restoring a play-space for local children. When asked what inspired him to execute such a challenging service project, Forgue stated, “As a Scout, I feel called to be a student and citizen of the world, always searching for small ways to show great love for the world around me.”

Forgue is an 18-year-old senior at Bishop Stang High School who serves as Student Council president. Forgue is also president of the Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils, which is a regional organization that hosts leadership training and service opportunities for student leaders across Massachusetts. Further, he is an AP scholar and an outstanding leader and citizen who has collaborated with Special Olympics International to promote inclusion.

Forgue credits his journey in Scouting with helping him prepare and be ready for the next step in life: “In my perspective, Scout Spirit is the opportunity to grow through cheerful service. Scouting and the National Youth Leadership Training have equipped me with the wisdom and will to advocate for student leadership and change.” He intends to pursue a career as a collegiate professor of English Literature and leadership trainer. According to Myles, “I carry my troop’s Motto — ‘Learn For Life And Not For The Minute’ — every day, and it is especially meaningful as I move on to the next tier of my educational journey.”

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the Scouting program. As stated by the Boy Scouts of America on its website, “Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout Rank has been earned by more than two million young men. Twenty-one merit badges are required to attain Eagle in addition to the service project. Once attained, the title of ‘Eagle Scout’ is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase ‘Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.’” 

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