Petition drive to end abortion funding in Mass.

FALL RIVER, Mass. — Last year, Boston-based attorney Tom Harvey, known for his pro bono work for the Pro-Life movement, led a petition drive to put an end to publicly-funded abortions in Massachusetts.

That initial effort fell short of the needed quota of 66,500 signatures — they managed to get only 34,000.

As such, a new effort is being spearheaded by Attorney Harvey to organize volunteers in every part of the state to resubmit a signed petition in September.

Harvey has already filed the necessary paperwork with the Attorney General’s office and a series of Regional Signature Drive and Activist Training Sessions are being held throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to “talk about the best strategies for signature gathering, the legal dos and don’ts, what rights we have to gather signatures in public places, managing other volunteers, proper procedures for dropping papers off at Town Halls, and the next steps in the effort should we get the signatures we need,” he said.

“We anticipate we’ll have signature papers some time in September, but before that we want to make sure our volunteers are well-prepared,” Harvey added. “We urge everyone to attend at least one of these trainings, and invite your friends to attend and volunteer as well.”

For more information about the petition effort, contact the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Public Funding of Abortion, P.O. Box 345, Arlington, Mass. 02476.

For information about the training sessions here in the diocese or Massachusetts Citizens for Life, visit or contact Andrea St. Germain at 508-776-9506.

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