Retreat continues summer tradition of offering girls a 
respite from daily routine, chance to discover themselves

By Dave Jolivet

DIGHTON, Mass. — It’s become a summer tradition in the Diocese of Fall River — the chance for a Spiritual, mental and physical respite from waves of distractions, responsibilities and activities of daily life. 

The diocesan Vocations Office is once again offering a summer overnight retreat, “Called By Name,” at the tranquil Dominican Sisters Convent in Dighton on August 23 and 24.

The retreat, geared toward girls ages 13 to 18 years old, helps them discover a path in their lives that God may be calling them to, whether it be in Marriage, single life or consecrated life. 

“Called By Name is an invitation for girls to consider their particular calling which stems from the common calling through Baptism, to which all are invited to respond in a variety of ways,” said Sister Paulina Hurtado, O.P., assistant director of vocations for the diocese.

While on the road to discovery, the path will lead the girls to make friends; share their faith, no matter what level that may be; learn about themselves, others and having a relationship with God; exploration; enjoying interactive activities; and praying and worshiping the Lord together.

In a pamphlet promoting the retreat, Sister Hurtado utilizes a quote from Matthew 7:14: “How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.” The Called By Name retreat exists to help girls find that narrow gate in their lives.

Brianna Rosaria is a team member on this year’s retreat. “The reason I say ‘yes’ to being on team for this weekend retreat is because I believe God is calling me away from my daily life to connect using the experiences, gifts and blessings God has given me to help these young girls who, like myself, I believe seek to find peace in a loud world and still always be listening to God’s call,” Rosaria told The Anchor. “The reason I continue to say yes and be a part of these retreats is to experience a true connection with these young girls (like I have on past retreats) and to bond in a way that God calls us to.

“I find that the community that can develop on a single retreat is truly lasting and it’s like a Spiritual support where all of the girls who attend are used by God to uplift each other, encourage each other and teach each other different ways through different circumstances to follow God above all else. In these retreats, it’s by detaching from the chaos of each of our daily lives to listen to God call us where we will truly live peacefully, and in the retreat is a team and community enthusiastic to help each other find our peace with God in our lives.”

Deb Jezak has been involved with myriad retreats for various ministries in the diocese. She, too, is a member of this year’s Called By Name retreat, and highly recommends young women take advantage of the benefits an overnight retreat with like-minded people can offer. 

“I said yes to being on team  because it is an opportunity to help young girls discover the best way to live a joy-filled holy life; whether it be through Marriage or consecration as a Sister or nun,” Jezak told The Anchor. “The retreat offers time to interact with peers, form friendships, share faith, and learn more about God and His plan.  

By engaging in challenging fun activities, prayer, and listening to personal testimonials, participants are able to realize God has a plan for each of them. This plan, their vocation, is worth discovering because it is a person’s best path to holiness and joy.

“For those considering attending, it is an opportunity to be in a place of acceptance, to relax, have some fun, make some friends, and learn new things.” 

The retreat begins on Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. and continues until Saturday at 5 p.m. Reservations must be made by August 20. The cost is $15 (at the door, cash only), and a parental permission form is required. 

Please RSVP to, or call 909-496-2022 or 508-675-1311. 

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