National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies service
to be held at St. Mary’s Cemetery in North Attleboro

By Dave Jolivet
Anchor Editor

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. — For the past five Septembers, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Priests for Life, and Pro-Life Action League have co-sponsored a National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies, calling on faithful to gather at gravesites of aborted boys and girls and memorials dedicated to them, to pray for the parents and to end the scourge of abortion in this country.


For the last four years, Kathleen Hill has organized a local such remembrance, joining Americans across the country in prayer and remembrance.

This year’s vigil will take place on September 8. “Vigils will be held to commemorate the more than 59 million children who have lost their lives to legal abortion since 1973, and to remind us of the humanity of these precious unborn children,” Hill told The Anchor. “There will be six vigils held in Massachusetts that day but the only vigil in our diocese will be held at St. Mary’s Cemetery in North Attleboro at 10 a.m. 

“There is a Knights of Columbus memorial headstone dedicated to the unborn located there. Father Jack Schrader, parochial vicar at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception and Sacred Heart parishes in North Attleboro, will be leading the vigil. He and Father Phil Davignon have led this service over the past four years.”

“I’m motivated to be a part of this to be in solidarity with all people who have suffered because of abortion,” Father Schrader told The Anchor. “We pray for those who have passed away, and those alive who are affected by abortion.

“It’s an important work of mercy to remember those who otherwise might be forgotten.

“Praying for the innocent victims of abortion and those affected by it is an example of the Lord’s love of life; His healing hands of mercy reaching out to those struggling in difficult situations.”

“It is a very sweet service with Scripture readings, prayers for the precious lost children, parents, abortion workers, song, etc.,” said Hill. “Mothers who chose abortion will also read their letters to their lost children which is a very powerful witness of the healing and forgiveness of God.”

At the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children website ( it stresses the importance of visitng gravesites and memorials of the unborn: “When people become truly aware of the reality of abortion, they can more easily cut through the lies by which some try to justify it, and the natural apathy to which human nature is inclined. Even Pro-Life people are thrust into a higher level of commitment and activism.

“Pro-Lifers should be visiting these gravesites — and other memorial sites dedicated to aborted babies — as a regular part of their Pro-Life witness.

“By participating in the National Day of Remembrance, visiting these solemn memorial places at other times of the year, and spreading the word about this prayer campaign, you are helping to humanize our aborted brothers and sisters and deepening your own commitment to ending the injustice of abortion.”

The website offers visitors a comprehensive list of where there are gravesites of aborted children and memorials for them in every state.

The site also offers links to prayers that can be used on September 8 and throughout the year — “Prayer at a Gravesite or Memorial Site,” “Prayer of Mourning for Victims of Abortion,” and “Prayer for Those Who Have Lost a Child to Abortion.”

Urging faithful to attend a service, the website says, “Tens of thousands of these children have been retrieved and buried at gravesites across our country. The stories of how they were killed, how they were found, and how they were buried, along with the pictures and videos that document those events, are powerful tools to awaken the consciences of our fellow citizens.”

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