Annual Retreat for Girls, ‘Called By Name’
is perfect respite from busyness

By Dave Jolivet
Anchor Editor

DIGHTON, Mass. — The world today is one filled with “fake news,” violence, hatred, and a waning sense of what’s right and wrong.

Add to that the constant barrage of comments, opinions and information on social media sites, today’s young people rarely get the opportunity for self-reflection and to think their own thoughts.

But there are outlets, many of which originate in the Catholic Church, that allow young people to “get away” from “normalcy,” and discover the many riches and gifts God has given to His children, but are buried beneath a plethora of noise and distractions.

One such outlet is the annual Retreat for Girls offered by the Diocese of Fall River’s Vocations Office. “Called By Name,” is an overnight retreat for girls ages 14-18, and will be held at the Dominican Sisters Convent, 3012 Elm Street in Dighton on July 13 and 14.

This year’s retreat will focus on the verse from Matt. 13:44-46, “the hidden treasure and the joy of finding it.”

The treasure to be found is discovering each girl’s God-given gifts through two days of activities and discussions, which often lead to finding new friends who share the same problems, fears, hopes and dreams.

“Participants will be invited to go in search of the ‘Hidden Treasure,’” Sister Paulina Hurtado, O.P., assistant director of the diocesan Vocation Office told The Anchor. “The girls will be given the opportunity to search for treasure, both physically and Spiritually.

“A variety of activities are planned to help develop friendships and discover treasure of great value. Through discussions and prayer, and fun exploration, participants will be led to a deeper understanding of the treasure within and the value of discernment.”

Katelyn Belmore told The Anchor of her experiences attending past retreats for girls: “I’ve been multiple times and each time I go I learn new things and meet people just like me and I always have good memories to come back home with.

“It’s great hearing and sharing experiences with other girls and the Sisters there. The retreat is something I wouldn’t miss for the world.”

Sonja Morin, who also attended more than once, echoed Belmore’s excitement about attending the retreat. “I have attended two of the diocesan retreat for girls. They were amazing and fun and indeed life-changing in several ways. 

“During both, I had the opportunity to meet with other Catholic girls from around the diocese, one of whom is a close friend of mine,” she told The Anchor. “They brought with them new perspectives and ideas which have helped me grow in maturity. The friendship and memories we shared that day are definitely precious. The Sisters are so kind, and are an incredible help as you consider the themes discussed during the retreat. Also, they’re amazing cooks, so the food is always delicious!”

Morin added, “To those who are considering attending the retreat this year — definitely go! I can promise you won’t regret going to the retreat. It’s a definite life-changer.”

The retreat fittingly ends with the celebration of Mass and the Eucharist.

The event runs from 6:30 p.m. on July 13 until 5 p.m. on the 14th.

Reservations are required and the deadline is July 10. Reply to Sister Paulina at or by calling the Vocations/Religious Office 508-675-1311, or 909-496-2022. Please read the Retreat Flyer. 

The Parental Permission Form is on the diocesan webpage

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