Coyle and Cassidy High School
‘Toy Shop’ celebrates 25 years

TAUNTON, Mass. — For those familiar with the history of the school, in particular its dedication to service, it should be no surprise that the students and faculty of Coyle and Cassidy High School and Middle School are marking their 25th year of the Christmas “Toy Shop” to help those less fortunate.


The program, which has continually grown over the years, provided new toys to more than 500 kids from 250 families in the city of Taunton in 2017. This year, the school is projected to provide gifts for approximately 600 children, ranging from infants to 18 years of age.

Parents who come to the Toy Shop are paired with a student who assists them in selecting gifts that are appropriate for their children, providing five gifts per child. These range from brand new toys and games, to books and puzzles. While the parents are selecting the gifts, which can all be gift-wrapped for them, the children are enjoying a Christmas party that provides food, games and crafts — again, all staffed by Coyle and Cassidy student and faculty volunteers.

The organization of the program is overseen by the student members of the National Honor Society; however, in all aspects this is a school-wide effort. In addition to new toys that are brought in, gifts are purchased with funds raised by students during the first half of the school year through a variety of inclusive, fun and school spirit-focused events.

The school assembly not only provided an opportunity for the student body to collect all the gifts, but allowed several students to present moving testimonials to the true meaning of Christmas. Students recounted favorite Christmas experiences that not necessarily involved receipt of an expensive gift, but rather spending time with family or volunteering to be with those who might not have anyone else. These life lessons are true reflections on what it means to serve those who might be struggling and be a living example of the true meaning of Christmas.

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