What would Attleboro be without a La Salette Shrine?

By Fran Gunning
La Salette Shrine
Special to The Anchor

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ATTLEBORO, Mass. — For more than 60 years La Salette Shrine has been a shining symbol of peace, love and joy to all who visit! An inspiration for those who travel from as far away as Canada and upstate New York and many more cities and towns across America, just to find the peace and reconciliation they feel would make their lives whole again! Possibly a refuge and a home where they could share their pain and hurt to one of the dedicated priests. There is never a charge to go to La Salette, or the “Festival of Lights!” They solely depend on donations!

What would Attleboro be without La Salette Shrine?

How would Attleboro be different without La Salette Shrine? For one thing, that walk you loved to take around the Rosary Pond would be gone! The Holy Stairs that brought you so much peace when you were at your lowest ebb, this too would be gone! The day you finally decided to make peace with your God, in the Sanctuary of the church would no longer be there for you. Or when you dropped by to say a prayer for a loved one in need. The priest whom you felt you could confide your pain and suffering to, he too would be gone.

Remember going to a healing service and listening to the witnessing of all the people whose lives were changed because La Salette priests anointed them at a Healing Service? The person who felt compelled to come to La Salette Shrine because they were told their illness was terminal and they were desperate, then the letter saying, “I was anointed at La Salette Shrine and I am now healed.” All this would be gone!

Of course, the Christmas lights that bring so much joy and happiness to young and old alike, would be dimmed! There would be no excitement on Thanksgiving night as the beacon of hope and joy, we are all so used to, would be stilled. The memories of the people who came as children, now grown up and are bringing their children to keep that tradition going. Do you want all this to end? Well, it could very well happen if the city of Attleboro continues to tax parts of La Salette Shrine to the tune of $92,000 per year!

 La Salette Shrine is there for the people of Attleboro. It provides numerous free services. It is the “anchor” in the city of Attleboro and the priests, Brothers and nuns are there to serve the people of Attleboro and all the people who come and bring business to the city of Attleboro! Just ask Bliss Brothers Dairy, Briggs Corner Pizzeria and some of the other restaurants that are filled to capacity for five weeks of the Christmas season and beyond! All because of La Salette Shrine!

Do you love La Salette Shrine? Have you been helped by the priests, Brothers and nuns there? Then voice your objections loud and clear to Stanley J. Nacewicz at 508-223-2222 for his efforts in trying to close down La Salette Shrine by being overzealous in taxing a religious organization! Call and tell the assessor what you think, this is a grim portrait of what Attleboro would be like without La Salette Shrine and a warm reminder of what makes La Salette Shrine great! 

We must protect her from fading away!

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