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Please note: The Anchor is running three weeks of Necrology this edition. Future editions will publish priest and deacon death anniversaries one week in advance for those who receive The Anchor after those dates.

June 26

Rev. William Moran, Former Pastor, St. Peter, Sandwich, 1891
Rev. Charles P. Gaboury, Former Pastor, Sacred Heart, New Bedford, 1931
Rev. Msgr. Albert Berube, Retired Pastor, St. Anthony, New Bedford, 1973

June 27

Rev. John Corry, Founder, St. Mary, Taunton; Founder, St. Mary, Fall River, 1863
Rev. Dario Raposo, Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes, Taunton, 1933
Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Walsh, Retired Pastor, St. John the Evangelist, Attleboro, 1980
Rev. Msgr. Bernard J. Fenton, USA Retired Chaplain, Retired Pastor, St. Joseph, North Dighton, 1984
Rev. George F. Almeida, Retired Pastor, Our Lady of Fatima, Swansea, 2012

June 28

Rev. Thomas C. Gunning, Assistant, St. Lawrence, New Bedford, 1947

June 30

Rev. Simon Pease, SS.CC., Administrator, Sacred Hearts, Fairhaven, 1952
Rev. Alphonse M. Reniere, O.P., Dominican Priory, Fall River, 1961
Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Harrington, Retired, Chaplain, Fall River Fire Department, 2017

July 1

Rev. Fernando A. Veiga, C.M., Vincentian Mission House, Fall River, 1993
Rev. David Stopyra, OFM, Conv., Retired Pastor, Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Taunton, 2018

July 2

Rev. Gerard A. Boisvert, Assistant, St. Anthony, New Bedford, 1967
Rev. Maurice H. Lamontagne, Retired Pastor, Our Lady of Grace, Westport, 1996
Rev. James T. Donohue, C.S.C., 2006

July 3

Rev. Thomas P. Doherty, Pastor, St. Kilian, New Bedford, 1942
Rev. William G. Condon, C.S.C., Retired, St. Joseph Hall, North Dartmouth; Nativity Prep School, New Bedford; Assistant Superior, North Dartmouth, 2016

July 4

Rev. James A. Coyle, S.T.L., Pastor, Holy Name, Fall River, 1955
Rev. Pierre E. Lachance, O.P., St. Anne Shrine, Fall River, 2006

July 5

Rev. J.F. LaBonte, Retired Assistant, Sacred Heart, New Bedford, 1943
Rev. Edward P. Versailles, M.S., La Salette Shrine, North Attleboro, 1985
Rev. Richard John Neilson, Retired, New York Archdiocese; Holy Redeemer Parish, Chatham; Our Lady of Grace Chapel, South Chatham, 2016

July 6

Rev. Edmond Francis, SS.CC., Pastor, St. Mary, Fairhaven, 1963
Rev. Paul J. Price, SS.CC., 2006

July 7

Rev. James E. Lynch, Founder, St. Joan of Arc, Orleans, 1965

July 8

Rev. Edward  Murphy, Pastor, St. Mary, Fall River, 1887
Msgr. Patrick J. O’Neill, Retired Pastor, St. Julie Billiart, North Dartmouth, 1995

July 10

Rev. Pie Marie Berard, O.P., Dominican Priory, Fall River, 1938
Rev. Maurice E. Parent, Assistant,  St. Michael, Swansea, 1972
Rev. John E. Morris, M.M., Retired Maryknoll Missioner, Former Assistant, St. Joseph, Fall River, 1987
Rev. Theodore M. Morin, M.S., La Salette Shrine, North Attleboro, 1987

July 12

Most Rev. Joseph P. Delaney, Bishop of Fort Worth, Texas, 2005

July 13

Rev. Arthur P. Deneault, M.S., La Salette Father, 1979

July 14

Rev. Nicholas Fett, SS.CC., Pastor, St. Boniface, New Bedford, 1938
Rev. Edmund J. Neenan, Assistant, Sacred Heart, Oak Bluffs, 1949
Rev. Vincent F. Diaferio, Pastor, Holy Rosary, Fall River, 1998

July 16

Rev. Bernard Percot, O.P., Founder, St. Dominic, Swansea, 1937
Rev. Matthew F. Sullivan, SS.CC. Retired Chaplain Bristol County House of Correction, Former Pastor, St. Mary, Fairhaven, 2002

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