In Your Prayers

Aug. 12

Rev. Victor O. Masse, M.S., Retired Pastor, St. Anthony, New Bedford, 1974

Aug. 13

Rev. Edward J. Sheridan, Pastor, St. Mary, Taunton, 1896
Rt. Rev. Leonard J. Daley, Pastor, St. Francis Xavier, Hyannis, 1964
Rev. Gabriel Swol, OFM Conv., Former Associate Pastor, Holy Rosary, Taunton, 1991

Aug. 14

Rev. Raphael Marciniak, OFM Conv., Pastor, Holy Cross, Fall River, 1947
Rev. Conrad Lamb, O.S.B., Missionary in Guatemala, 1969

Aug. 15

Rev. Charles W. Cullen, Founder, Holy Family, East Taunton, 1926
Permanent Deacon Robert W. Pelland, 2016

Aug. 17

Rev. Cornelius O’Connor, Former Pastor, Holy Trinity, Harwich Center, 1882
Rev. Msgr. Maurice Souza, Retired Pastor, St. Anthony, East Falmouth, 1996

Aug. 18

Rev. Msgr. William H. Dolan, Retired Pastor, Holy Family, East Taunton, 1977

Aug. 20

Rev. Bernard H. Unsworth, Retired Pastor, St. Mary, New Bedford, 1982
Rev. Thomas Cantwell, SSJ., Retired, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Washington, 1983


Aug. 21

Most Rev.Lawrence S. McMahon, Bishop of Hartford, Former Pastor, St. Lawrence, New Bedford, 1893

Aug. 22

Rev. Msgr. Manuel J. Teixeira, Pastor, St. Anthony, Taunton, 1962
Rev. William R. Jordan, Pastor, St. Louis, Fall River, 1972
Rev. Msgr. Joseph C. Canty, USN Retired Chaplain, Retired Pastor, St. Paul, Taunton, 1980
Msgr. John F. Denehy, USAF Retired Chaplain, 2003

Aug. 23

Rev. Thomas F. Clinton, Pastor, St. Peter, Sandwich, 1895
Msgr. Anthony M. Gomes, PA, Retired Pastor, Our Lady of the Angels, Fall River, 1992

Aug. 24

Rev. Peter J.B. Bedard, Founder, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Fall River, 1884
Very Rev. James F. Gilchrist, CPM VG., Vicar General of the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy, 1962
Rev. Msgr. James E. Gleason, Retired Pastor, St. Patrick, Falmouth, 1987

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