Time for a reboot in the backside


While autumn is by far my favorite of the four seasons (although Frankie Valli does come in a close second — this is for a priest friend of mine who is a whiz at referencing music and movies), it doesn’t come without its faults. Nothing is perfect in this world.

I do enjoy the crisp mornings (when they’re dry) but it’s the darkness that is a real turnoff.

Earlier in the year the sun would get up before me and illuminate the day ahead. Now that great big ball of light remains under the covers until I’m already at work. But that’s OK I suppose. It’s the day it doesn’t get up at all that we worry about.

Anyway, I digress — hey, it’s been a while since my last digression.

The point of the whole darkness in the morning thing is that the other day I actually gave thought to flipping a simple switch and having an array of lights turn on. It’s another of those things that I simply take for granted every minute of every day — just like turning on the faucet and being gifted with a flow of hot water; turning on the TV and getting instant news; and hopping into a car and knowing (most of the time) that it will start and take me where I need or want to go.

Everyday occurrences without a thought.

That not only tells me that I do indeed take things for granted, but also that I do not think of how countless of my brothers and sisters across this wonderful planet do not have such luxuries.

What I expect from life, others cannot even fathom. I cruise around Facebook and see what friends are doing and where they’re going. Truth be told, I’m envious of a lot that I see and read. And that’s just not right.

It’s then that I have to reboot myself to remind myself just how fortunate I am. When I do press a simple remote cable TV button and the world is at my fingertips, I see that some of that world is filled with pain, hunger, oppression, hatred, fear and addictions.

How dare I be jealous of the good fortune of others when yet others would cherish turning on a faucet and enjoying the gush of clean drinking water.

How dare I grumble at my “lot” in life when others don’t know if they or family members will wake up the next morning.

I need my reboots to bring me back to reality; and that reality is to assist my brothers and sisters across the globe any way I can.

Winter is approaching in this hemisphere and for millions that is not a good thing — it means being hungry, homeless, cold and hopeless. It is also time for one of my reboots to be aware to give what I can, when I can to and for those who have nothing to take for granted. There is no shortage of people who need help in this area.

The switch has been flipped and I see the light telling me its time to share my prayers and treasures and truly experience a blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. How dare I not?


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