The Permanent Diaconate

Can you hear me now?

People have asked me how did I come to be a deacon? Being a deacon is a vocation — a call from God. Becoming a deacon has been an amazing journey. As we all know, hindsight is 20/20. As I look back, I really can see how the Lord has prepared me to serve His people as a deacon. And this goes way back, almost 50 years. 

That was when I met my wife-to-be,Carol. The seed to learn and grow in my faith started to grow. …

Sharing each other’s pain 
A brief reflection of my (nearly) 10 years as a deacon

This is part of an ongoing series providing information and personal reflections about the permanent diaconate in anticipation of accepting applications for the 10th diaconate class this fall.

In the film, “Diethrich Bonhoeffer — Agent of Grace,” there is a very moving scene where, in a bombed out church in the German countryside, the great Lutheran clergyman, theologian and writer is ruminating aloud, in front of a small group of prisoners of war, about the future of Christianity in a world that had apparently rejected God. …

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